How is musetex fan controller?does it work well?

I believe everyone who knows the musetex case will find that most of the brand's chassis will be equipped with some cooling fan with lamp effect,which is a great feature of this brand.Today we are going to talk about its fan control to see if it can run well.If you are also interested in this topic,just keep reading and you will get a lot of useful information of musetex case.

Which musetex case are equipped with fan controller and do they work well?

First of all, what we need to tell you is that there are 2 types of musetex case with RGB fan,one is equipped with controller,another is managed by the motherboard to create a comprehensive RGB lighting system.Both of their color and mode of lights can be changed by pressing the button,what’s different is musetex case with fan controller is more convenient and functional,you can change the color or mode of lights easily.If you want to buy a musetex case with fan controller,I will recommend you to choose MU3 series. You can not only use remote control to switch the color and mode of fan lights at any time, but also choose different lighting music modes to make your chassis dance with different music during operation.,which looks more cool and personality.If you want to see more detailed information,you can click on our homepage to watch the video of musetex case MU3.

In terms of whether the musetex fan controller can works well,I suggest you know the MVP fan first, because our fans are from this brand and they are of high quality.What we need to state here is that different types of musetex cases’ fans are different, we can roughly divide them into three types, fans sparkle outer, inner or both inside and outside, you can choose the musetex case according to your own preferences.Next, we will talk about some problems while buyers using musetex fan controller.

Problems in using musetex fan controller

Here are some question and answers of musetex fan controller from our store on amazon that can help you know more about the fan controller,let’s look them through.

A user from America says that:I cannot get the lights to turn on. the fans are spinning and the 3-pin is plugged into the mob. rgb button does not seem to do anything. suggestions?And the answer of this musetex fan controller problem is:the fans need to be plugged into the RGB controller in order for the lights to work/be cycled.

There are also some customers who are interested in what kind of fans are musetex case pre-installed to get matching fans for a push pull radiator setup.And the exact answer is the fans pre-installed are from a brand called MVP,which specialized in high quality fan manufacturers.

The last question we want to show you about musetex fan controller is:Are the fans good?This is the question most of you concerned much about,and the answer from our user is:I don't remember the brand of fan, but I run mine 24/7 and they are quite. I am not in front of the machine to find out the brand at the moment either. the case and fans produce really good air flow. I would recommend this case for sure.

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