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Musetex 903 is a best-selling series of this brand,many people who assemble computers for the first time will choose this chassis, and in the process of assembling they encounter a lot of questions. So many users want to know the musetex 903 case manual and we will provide you with this information today, I hope this help you. In the following text, you will first see the basic introduction of musetex case 903, you will clearly see the various parameters of this product and understand what kind of product this is. And then in the second half of the article, you will see some questions raised by users while using Musetex 903 and we will show you the manual.

How is Musetex 903

As one of the best selling series of this brand, musetex case 903 have their own advantages in many ways.If you are not sure whether to buy this or not,you can make an exact decision after reading this section.Talking about Musetex 903,you have to mention about its professional detail design.It is completed with metal mesh on the left and right side of our unique honeycombed front panel for optimal air intake and dust proof.This remarkable detail design make Musetex 903 outstanding from the others and win the favour of users.Another great feature of this Musetex 903 is its RGB fans with 7 colors split between two separate light loops that allow for nearly endless customization,which make you look cool and professional.If you would like you watch the video of this case,you will probably fall in love with it.So,if you gonna ask me how is Musetex 903,I would tell you this is a so cool gaming pc case with great detail design and recommend you to buy it.

The last paragraph is all about the appearance design of Musetex 903,and now is the rest of its feature.Each Musetex 903 gets remarkable expansion,Supporting motherboards up to E-ATX ,ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX,which can easily accept all your accessories.Every single case is design with 6 x 120mm RGB fans to keep the temperature low while operating.What makes this product better is its cable management and excellent dust-proof design,which makes your chassis more clean, tidy and orderly.

musetex 903 case manual on official website

After introducing the basic situation of the Musetex 903, now let's come to the manual of this case,let’s start with the question asked by buyer.Here’s a question about the size:would a msi proseries intel coffee lake h310 lga 1151 ddr4 d-sub dvi hdmi onboard graphics micro atx motherboard (h310m pro-vdh plus) fit?According to musetex 903 case manual,this micro atx motherboard can be completely fit in an Atx case.

After reading the questions of most users, we found that many people have doubts about the use of RGB and mow we are going to show you a classic one:My fans light up but I’m struggling on getting them to change? Did I miswire something?According to musetex 903 case manual,the RGB can be managed by either the remote control or the motherboard,you can change the color by pressing the RGB button or the remote control.

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